Guwahati Express – The Boarding and the Settling Down. 

Before, in discussions with my sister, she was particular about the Guwahati being a bad train. Her in laws had ‘suffered’ when they took it once, a few years ago. Like every couple, anything said to my sister inexorably travelled to my brother-in-law. It wasn’t until, through my sister, my brother-in-law’s opinion was conveyed that it has turned superfast since and is now a very nice train. What a relief!

The train was reasonably comfortable, that was pretty clear as soon as I entered it. I had upper berth. Which meant I am to spend most of my trip sleeping. There was a nice army man, hailing either from Karnataka itself or Andhra. He was going to Guwahati. The pretty girl who I do wished to be in my division was in the next division. The throng of indeterminate no. of people and indeterminate no. of children were in the same section as the pretty girl. There was an oriya hollering in the next division, then he was hollering in hindi and then in telegu. Mother tongue proficiency in all. 

I realised that I sucked at travelling. I didn’t have slippers. I didn’t have a fucking clue where all have I kept my stuff. I realised I need to get organised so much more. After fishing for a good amount of time, I was able to get my power bank. My charging brick followed. I was somehow able to get my wits about and started to set up my stuff. 

The indeterminate throng was in the next berth. They had 4 reservations. The pretty girl was in the next berth too. Someone pointed to the indeterminate throng that their ticket says B7 instead of B3 and they slowly moved out. More than a few people heaved a sigh of relief. I noticed the pretty girl talking to someone over phone and crying. 

I decided to turn in. But later that night, a group of three women came. A girl my age, and two middle aged ladies. The girl was very talkative, cute only as the talkative can be. She asked me, rather directed me with full moral conviction to ask the army guy to exchange seats with her mother who had the upper berth. I said I would help, tried. No good came of it. 

Her mother, calmly talked to a guy in the next section into exchanging berths. They were happy. Everything was settled. I was said goodnight to, by the talkative girl. I turned in for the night.  Later, I half noticed a couple entering and taking the two berths below me.

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