The Classic Ruskin Bond – Volume 1

The very abused classic Ruskin Bond volume 1. Great stories!

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I had to change my routine because of I was able to reschedule my violin classes to morning 7-8 AM. That required me to get up at around 5 AM, get ready and cycle to classes.  For somebody who used to sleep at 2-3 in the night after binge watching for 4-5 hours, it was a very difficult proposition.

So, since I had to go to sleep by 10 the day before, I made a point to keep my cell aside and read a book until I fell asleep. It always helps, but there is one very important rule –

Never go for a thriller for your bedtime book.

I think classics work the best, or books like Malgudi Days, Ruskin Bond’s. Anything that’s comforting, unhurried and takes you to a places far far away, be it the idyllic Malgudi, the forested hillsides of Mussorie or for that matter, the deserted home of the poor, miserable Robinson Crusoe.


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